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why cats are better than dogs

Some say that people are divided in two: cat lovers or dog lovers. It is a long time war between pet owners. In reality, both are equally good for the overall of your health and there are a lot of studies which talk about the importance of living with another species and how it can positively affect our mindset and our outlook towards life. However, today we will talk about the reasons why cats are better than dogs, according to science (and cat owners!)

  • Cats respect your personal space: Cats understand easily when you need some privacy. They will just leave the room. On the other side, dogs will bark and run all around you no matter what particular moment you are in. 
  • Scientific research shows that cats relieve stress: According to a recent study, cat owners are less likely to experience life-threatening conditions like heart attacks due to the lower stress levels of those who live with a feline.
  • Cats are independent: Cats don’t need your attention. See number one for more information on the subject.
  • Cats don’t like to walk with you: With a dog, you will need to take him out if you don’t want to ruin your carpet. On the other hand, cats have kitty litters.

what is the internet of things

The what is the internet of things (IoT) is becoming very popular. A lot of people out there don’t know what it or truly understands the concept behind these words. However, it is a real thing: it’s here and it’s growing at an amazing rate. In fact, the numbers of the Internet of Things devices being sold are going up to the sky.  But, what is the internet of things?

The IoT is a term which refers to the internet connection and its quality on everyday devices. This means that this is the technology used to receive and send data. These everyday devices are everything you use on a daily basis: from your car to your printer, your alarm clock, your phone, your keys. The Internet of Things was born to connect everything to the Internet so it can serve you.

So, the Internet of Things connects all of your devices to the Internet. Thus, these devices will connect between themselves to, allowing them to share data. For example, when you wake up, your alarm clock will let you know information about traffic, then it will send it to your car GPS and will also look for an available parking spot. All of this while you enjoy coffee and toast.