flight attendant salary

Being a flight attendant is a very attractive job for a lot of people. Thus, every time airlines advertise positions for this job, people go crazy. In fact, the airlines’ websites tend to collapse due to the huge flow of applications. For example, Southwest Airlines received over 9,000 applications for 500 positions within the first two hours of releasing the opportunity online. So, at this point, you may be asking, how’s the pay? Well, it is estimated that the common flight attendant salaryis rounding the 25.000USD the year. And, people who want this job claims that you get paid for traveling which is, in fact true.

Also, a point which is taken into consideration by a lot of people is the fact that the schedule for this job is flexible and you get to have days off in which you don’t have to think about the job at all. When you are not flying, you are not working. Period. On another note, flight attendants and airline employees get huge discounts on travel. In fact, they can get first class seats for just $150. And, if they travel by coach, prices may be a third of what they pay for first class.

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